que faisons-nous

Nous produisons, vendons et amƩnageons des abris de jardin, chalets, chalet abri de jardin, des pavillons, des chalets, des saunas, des clƓtures...

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UAB ā€žAV projektaiā€œ
Code dā€™entreprise 301793315
Code  TVA   LT100004183811
AB ā€žSwedbankā€œ
Code de la banque 73000     
Code Iban LT917300010109107801

Pour nous contacter
Mob.  +370 672 05 418
Fax. +370 5 203 0424
E-mail: info@avp.lt 

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More and more goods

Now we also offer bitumen tiles, impregnation products, foundation tiles and nail sets designed for the assembly of our constructions.

Action: give up your flat in summer ā€“ move over to a log cabin!

As summer is coming close, we offer discounts on log cabins! It is now the best time to get a log cabin for a very good price and enjoy the summer in the countryside! For further information please contact consultants at our sale points.